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`Automatic branch project triggering » Branch names to build automatically` must die


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      The `Automatic branch project triggering » Branch names to build automatically` property was a hack.

      The correct way to implement that feature would be using a BranchBuildStrategy as that will correctly suppress. We should remove the property... the correct path to removal will look something like this:

      1. Create an extension plugin for Branch API that implements at least BranchBuildStrategy based on matching the branch name
      2. Add a migration to Branch API that removes the NoTriggerBranchProperty property and replaces it with the BranchBuildStrategy (by magic, as we cannot have circular dependencies)
      3. Add some magic that auto-installs the branch build strategy plugin only if the migration is needed (so that regular users are not confused by more configuration options until they install the plugins enabling same)

      What we'll probably have to do is more complex:

      1. Create an extension point to migrate the NoTriggerBranchProperty (no implementations in branch-api
      2. Create an administrative monitor that alerts to install the branch build strategy plugin if a migration is required
      3. Disable adding the NoTriggerBranchProperty via the UI, but allow maintaining an existing configuration
      4. At some future date, remove the NoTriggerBranchProperty entirely


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