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Specify junit realtime result parse rate


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      Currently the plugin will parse results every 1/100 of the estimated build time and never faster than every 5 seconds.

      There is a todo to put a max value at 1 minute but it's not done yet.

      I don't mind a default logic like that but I'd prefer if the plugin had another attribute available where I can manually specify the refresh rate I want.


      The default logic does not work at all for me because the estimated build time is never consistent, we use the lock plugin to lock resources before running integration tests and the availability of those resources make the build time vary a lot from one build to another.

      What could work though is using the estimated build time for the specific stage we are in (if that value exists), because this would be the actual running time without the waiting period trying to acquire the lock





          dcendents Daniel Beland added a comment - PR submitted: https://github.com/jenkinsci/junit-realtime-test-reporter-plugin/pull/9  


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