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Parameters in downstream project not displayed correctly


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      I use Hudson 1.329 and Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin version 2.0

      I have a series of jobs that need username and passwords. Since the policy is not to store credentials on hard drive, they need to be entered when starting the first job in the chain. They will be passed on to downstream jobs using the 'current build parameters' option of the plugin. There are additional options that need to be passed on to the following jobs, using the 'Predefined parameters' option.

      The build history for the second job than shows the parameter link twice. Both links point to the same same page containing only the 'current build parameters'. However, the parameters seem to be passed correctly. So it is only a display issue.

      I tried to pass the credentials ('current build parameters') using the 'Predefined parameters' option. In this case the parameter link is only displayed once, however, my password is readable than, even so the parameter is of type 'Password parameter'. Password parameters should not be readable regardless of how they were passed between jobs.




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