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      Ubuntu 18.10 with Docker 18.09.3, build 774a1f4
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      Even though Jenkins is not an out-of-the-box application that can be expected to run after a simple `docker run`, the following experience with the Jenkins Docker image jenkins/jenkins:lts and jenkins/jenkins should be addressed in the development:


      • After starting the Jenkins Docker container, accessing it on the IP shown in docker network inspect and completing the initialization routine the first created multi-branch pipeline (called a as an example) fails to load it's initial configuration screen (see attached 1.png) while
        Jenkins global module 'page-init' already registered. page-init.js:151:13
        TypeError: findFollowingTR(...) is undefined[Weitere Informationen] 

        is logged in the browser console

      • Going back to the home screen the pretty messed up screen captured in 2.png is shown. The browser source is attached as browser-source.txt.

      This both happens when accessing Jenkins through the Docker IP without giving it a DNS name or after giving it the name jenkins.local.

      No matter what I did wrong (I'm not seeking for support here, but suggesting an improvement of the software) the operation of the software should remain intuitive through verbose failures and operational screens. Judging from the screen layout it appears that these errors scenarios have never been tested.


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