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Include original build number when continuously restarting the build


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      There is option to Restart from Stage in the multi branch pipeline where we can restart specific build number from specific stage.

      When restarting the build, in the logs its giving you the parent build number saying Restarted from build #[buildNO]. 


      Assume I restarted a stage from build number 10, so the current build number become 11 and the logs says Restarted from build #10. but, there can be a situation I want to restart the build number 11 again. then the logs says Restarted from build #11. however there is no log or any other place that I can catch my original build number (10) because my original build started from 10. 

      Is it possible to add a log or something like Original build NO where we can get actual build number (in my scenario build number 10) , so whenever we wanted to capture the original build number (Build number which was originally initiated)? 


      Or is there any place that I can get this build number 10?






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