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Duplicate Ids for ConfigFiles when using CasC


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      In our organization, we configure our jenkins instances using configuration-as-code for initial provisioning, but allow changes to the configuration over time.

       When providing a set of config files like that and modifying a configuration like maven settings, the edited object does not get modified, instead a new config file object with the same id is created when saving:


      grep -B 1 "<id>" org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles.xml

      When jobs request a config file by id, which instance they get is undefined.After some investigation, the collection of ConfigFile objects gets saved as a standard java.util.set instead of the TreeSet defined by the class.:

      head -4 org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles.xml
      <?xml version='1.1' encoding='UTF-8'?>
      <org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles plugin="config-file-provider@3.6.2">
        <configs class="set">

      which should be (this is from a jenkins configured using the UI):

      head -4 ../jenkins-2.176.2/org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles.xml
      <?xml version='1.1' encoding='UTF-8'?>
      <org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles plugin="config-file-provider@3.5">
        <configs class="sorted-set">
          <comparator class="org.jenkinsci.plugins.configfiles.GlobalConfigFiles$1"/>

      We have a YAML file with our maven and node settings which looks like this:

            - globalMavenSettings: 
                comment: "global settings"
                content: |-
                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

      The CasC configurator calls GlobalConfigFiles.setConfigs() with a normal java.util.Set, overrding the internal treeset and leading to the behavior described above.

      A setter should not change the datastructure if you rely on the sorting behavior

      To fix: The setter should internally convert its Collection parameter to a TreeSet with the correct Comparator




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