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Basic review of Polish translation (language errors, wrong translation, inconsistency, poor quality)


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      I am involved in localisation and QA (mainly in Mozilla projects, also GNU/Linux projects in the past) for about 10 years and I use Jenkins for about 3 years. Usually my browser locale is set up on en-US or en-GB but sometime I set up it on pl-PL. Then Jenkins automatically switches to use Polish translation.

      Unfortunately Polish translation is one of the worst I've ever seen. I decided to do fast, basic review all properties files with Polish translation.

      Usually I submit separate bug for each change or/and component but in this case number of issue was too high so I decided to submit everything in single bug.

      I focused on:

      • language errors (many, many)
      • wrong translation (translator did not understand English version, there were a few only)
      • inconsistency (there was about 7, maybe more translations for word "build" - eg. build, task, execution, running, job, probably because there is no one good Polish word in this case, people usually use English word. I used "kompilacja"- it is some kind of compromise. The same issue exists with "failure" and few others.)
      • poor quality (in a few places it looked like written by someone without elementary education)

      Some of my changes are not perfect, some could be discussed and improved but generally it improves overall quality.

      Feel free to take all the changes or only some of them.



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